Hi! I’m running for the Third Ward seat on Bowling Green City Council because I feel lucky to raise my family in BG and see great possibility all around us.


About Me

I love Bowling Green. I grew up in this corner of Ohio and bounced around the state – to Oxford for a bachelor’s degree from Miami University, to Perrysburg for a law degree from the University of Toledo, and to Columbus for a master’s degree in tax law from Capital University – before moving to Clark Street seven years ago. My husband, Ryan, was born and raised in the Third Ward, on Erie Court. We have two children, Arnie (nearly 2) and Georgia (5).

I will bring the experience earned in the following roles to City Council:


Bowling Green Charter Review Committee


Freelance Writer, Attorney, + Stay-At-Home Parent



Assistant Dean for Communications
The University of Toledo College of Law

Environmental Attorney
Ohio Attorney General’s Office
2008 - 2010


Why I’m Running

The decision to run was one I took very seriously. I found myself thinking long and hard about the type of public official I want my children to see and how I can best be of service to my neighbors. If elected, I will remain open to new ideas, seek common ground with colleagues and opponents, and tirelessly search for creative solutions.

There is much we can do in the next few years to create a better Bowling Green – and I’m interested in timelines both short and long, knowing that my children, friends, and neighbors will be here to reap the benefits of long-term thinking. I believe creating a more vibrant and inclusive Bowling Green will not only improve the lives of everyone in town, but position our city to attract young people and families, growing our economy and tax base.

The Issues >>>


When we talk about economic development we should be talking about all the ways in which we help our city grow successfully. Our city government must actively support a vibrant Downtown, create an environment where new and existing locally-owned businesses can thrive, and encourage a people-first strategy to redevelopment along East Wooster.

  • Redevelop East Wooster Corridor. Several consultants’ plans ordered by the city and BGSU outline a good blueprint for redevelopment along East Wooster — now is the time for action. The first step is to revamp our city’s zoning code and create architectural and landscaping design standards. We need to ensure the process is predictable for developers, and the result something our city can be proud of.

  • Vibrant Downtown. The goal for all new development and redevelopment near Downtown should be higher-density living that is pedestrian- and bike-friendly, filled with amenities and public art that tells our community’s story and values. Let’s work with restaurants to create on-street dining, explore rerouting trucks around Downtown, spruce up our alleys with murals, and pepper the sidewalks with art-inspired bike racks.

  • Use Incentives Strategically. Let’s use all the tools available to encourage and fund improvements and redevelopment, including Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Community Reinvestment Areas, and the new 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Opportunity Zone designations.


Bowling Green is a wonderful place to live – and we have a great story to tell. To create a true sense of place that people will want to be a part of, move to, and visit – we need to tell our story clearly and often, and sometimes sing it from the rooftops. (I love to sing!! !!)

  • Preserve and share our history and historic buildings.

  • Arts Commission + Ordinance. Create an Arts Commission of citizens with an evidenced interest in public art. Develop a public art policy or ordinance to plan for, fund, and seek out art for public spaces and parks.

  • Neighborhoods. We all want neighborhoods we can be proud of. The starting point: Update and simplify the zoning code, grant fewer variances and conditional use requests. The goal: Affordable, safe housing for all, students to seniors.

  • Strong Schools. It is impossible to overstate the importance of our public school system. I intend to vote YES for the school levy on the Nov. 5 ballot, and I hope you will too!


Leading on sustainability and climate is right for public health, right for the environment, and can save the city money. Plus, young people and young families overwhelmingly care about this issue.

As a former environmental attorney at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and as someone who is deeply concerned about the world we are leaving our children, I want to see Bowling Green fully live our sustainability values in the following ways.

  • Sustainability Commission. Appoint a Sustainability Commission of citizens to identify and prioritize sustainability goals and projects. 

  • Sustainability Plan. Create a bold Sustainability Plan to curb our greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Thinking Outside The Garbage Bin

Every bit of trash we send to landfill costs the City money. The city also charges residents a blanket trash fee each year regardless of how much trash they produce or how often they recycle. Let’s do better.

  • Community Composting. Launch a pilot city-sponsored composting program. 

  • Increased Yard Waste Pickup. Begin regular residential yard waste pickup during summer months – yard waste should not be taking up valuable landfill space.

  • Incentivize Recycling/Composting. Consider “Pay As You Throw” fee structure to replace the current blanket trash fee and to encourage recycling and composting.

Remember to vote Nov. 5!

Early voting begins Oct. 8 at the Wood County Courthouse.

Find your polling place at the Wood County Board of Elections website.